Posted on juin 25, 2008


I am using a mesoscale meteorological model that produces outputs in netCDF format. It is a binary format meaning that if you want to have a fast look to the results, well you can’t just vi or nedit or whatever-edit it to see what’s inside.
Let’s be honest, there are some pretty good visualization softwares as, for instance, IDV (Integrated Data Viewer from Unidata). But to use them you need to have a « clean » netcdf file meaning that your file is using a proper netcdf format. This is generally not the case when you are using research codes.

The solution is to use Ncview. David Pierce of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography developed and maintains it. It is netCDF visual browser that supports quick and easy looks at data and it is free.

One may ask: « Ok the output looks fine and now how can I make some nice plots using IDL ». Well there is this fantastic guide written by Andy Heaps from NCAS. The guide also includes sample datasets and code.

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