The best liquor store ever…

Posted on avril 11, 2009


… is in 5 points at Athens (GA).

This morning my post was also about wine. Here are some updates on my search for the perfect Easter wine.

The whole family went to the local liquor store, Five points bottle shop, to buy some wine. I was considering buying a Crozes-Hermitage.

We found 2003’s, 1999’s and 1998’s bottles. The 99’s bottles were looking the more promising but since the storage of imported wines is poor in US (stored in containers for whom knows how long at the customs and then shipped over the country by trucks), I was really hesitating.

Then the owner showed up.

I explained him what I was looking for (a nice wine for the Easter lamb).
« Have you ever tired an American Shiraz?
– well actually I would like to stay on the Crozes-Hermitage but they are quite old so I don’t know.
– well let’s try it »

He opened one of the 99’s bottle to try it. It was very nice. So I decided to buy one and a 2003 (just to try).
« You take also the bottle that we just opened, for free as a gift.
– well thanks.
– but did you ever tried a American Shiraz?
– no »

Then he choose a bottle of American Shiraz for me and offered a deal of 10% off. Perfect. Back to the counter (I had also a couple of other bottles to buy), he made us a 15% discount on the whole buy!

The guy is just fantastic. He (and his crew) knows a lot about wine. They are very helpful and nice.

Why is this post in English? Well just to let know Athenians that I strongly recommend the Five points bottle shop for the prize of Best Liquor Store Ever.
As we say in my field: « Publish as is »

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